10 Fun Places You Can Walk to in Twenty Minutes or Less

1) Studlendas


What is better than a grocery store and mini mall combined? And only about 2 minutes away from LCC!

2) Thrift Shops


If you take a little walk headed towards Old Town you will run into various thrift stores which are great for those who want to save a buck or two!

3) The Baltic Sea

baltic sea bianca

What is better than taking a calming stroll down the beach? Clear your thoughts along the Baltic or take a little swim if you dare!

4) Coffee Shops

coffee shop kiki

Similar to the thrift shops, as you head deeper into Old Town there will be a cute coffee shop on almost every corner. It is a common hangout and homework spot so find a favorite and enjoy

5) Meatlovers


A relaxing restaurant turned jazz bar on Thursdays. Grab a few friends and head over to see live performances or just chat about life. Get there early though, seating is limited!

6) Rimi


Rimi is one of the newer grocery stores near LCC, freshly stocked with plenty of delicious foods both American and Lithuanian all at great prices

7) Pizza Express

pizza express

The diet of college students seems to be universal; we love cheap and tasty food! Pizza express is definitely some of the best pizza I have had since being in Lithuania! Plus they deliver for those rainy/snowy days

8) The Post Office

photo (4)

It is hard to be away from friends and family for an extended period of time so remember to send postcards and letters whenever you can! Fun Fact: a prince used to live here!

9) Amber Markets

photo (3)

On Saturdays in Old Town you can go learn about Lithuania’s gold, amber. Various vendors come and set up a cute little outside market where you can buy beautiful amber souvenirs

10) The Bus Station

photo (2)

For those who don’t want to walk anywhere or for those more adventurous, the bus station will take you almost anywhere you want to go!

Happy Adventuring Future Risk Takers!

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