8 Stages of Studying Abroad


Studying abroad is one of the most exciting experiences that you will ever get to go through, but as always, it has its highs and its lows. It is like riding a roller coaster for 4 months, but it is the greatest roller coaster I have ever gotten on. So read the following stages and prepare yourself for the lows and get ready to embrace the highs to the fullest and always #bearisktaker

1: Honeymoon

When your plane lands and you step out into a new country you are feeling nothing but excitement! Everything is new and interesting, you won’t be missing home too much during this period

2: Culture Shock

Once the honeymoon stage is over, things can get overwhelming. You suddenly are realizing how little you know about where you are and realizing that you don’t truly belong. DON’T WORRY, this stage does not last forever!

3: Initial Adjustment

Once you have gotten over the culture shock you finally begin to feel a part of your new home. By now you have gotten used to the surroundings and have probably made some great new friends!

4: Mental Isolation

Even though you have adjusted, sometimes it is hard to escape your own thoughts. It is easy to fall into a short period of isolation, but everyone needs alone time at some point

5: Acceptance

This is the best feeling! You finally feel fully accepted into the culture and surroundings and no longer feel like such an outcast

6: Return Anxiety

Going home is always nerve wracking after being away for a long period of time and it is easy to start to feel anxious about it. It is also common to want to stay abroad forever!

7: Reentry Shock

This is similar to the culture shock you go through when you first get abroad, which is funny to think about getting culture shock when you go home! But again, don’t worry because it will not last for long!

8: Re-Integration

The last stage of studying abroad is getting back into the swing of being home. It may take a little time to get back into a routine and to feel at ease but once you do it will feel as though you never left

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