10 Lithunian Artists to Listen To

Music is universal. It can fix any problem and can cheer any mood! Lithuania may be a small, slightly unknown country but don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t know good music! Get ready to turn your volume up and add to your playlists.

1) Kamanių Šilelis


This young duo is an up and coming experimental folk group known for using interesting wooden instruments. Their songs are simply captivating. some top songs to give a listen to are karys pavargo nugalėti and Vilnius temperature (+28 F)

2) Ball and Chain


This husband and wife duo is one of the best in the pop game in Lithuania! With numerous awards under their belts, these guys know what they are doing and are a Lithuanian staple to your playlist! Songs to listen to: Baby Burning and Don’t think Twice

3) Umiko


Also known as Little Bird, Elena Neniškytė is an artist who truly puts herself into her music. While her old album and new one are opposites, both are beautifully written. Songs to listen to: Heard

4) Without Letters

without letters

This group starts out techno but then takes their music to a whole other level. They are mesmerizing and unpredictable. Songs to listen to: Arch

5) Kurak


Vygintas Kisevičius is the man behind this sound. His music takes you on a different journey with every song but they all seem to end up in the same place. Dive into his EP Surface and check out the song Retention!

6) Verslo Rizikos Rezervas (or VRR)


The band’s name means “Business Risk Reserve”, one of oldest indie band in Lithuania, check out their song Gelbėkit, Lipa

7) Colours of Bubbles


Definitely the most popular indie rock band of Lithuania at the moment, they have an interesting mix of soothing singing along with quirky sounds. Songs to listen to: Phoenix

8) Sheep Got Waxed


This 3 man group focuses on improvisation in their music, you never really know what you’re going to be listening to! Choose Shoes is a great show of their spontaneity!

9) InCulto


This Lithuanian group is known for the performance on Eurovision in 20 10 but were around long before that. Sadly, they split up shortly after in 2011 but their pop music is still loved by many. Jei labai nori is one of their top singles!

10) Delfinai


Yes, this artist goes by the name “Dolphins” but don’t let that keep you from listening! Give his most known song, Dreams a listen!

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