6 Steps to Homemade Gira

If you don’t know what ‘gira’ is, then you are missing out! Gira is a traditional Lithuanian drink served almost everywhere that you go! It is a tasty, fermented drink made from dark rye bread. Grab some friends and follow the steps bellow to make your own gira!


1) Toast rye bread in an oven and add it to boiling water, you want about 100 g of bread per 1l of water

2) Add sugar or honey to the bread water and let it cool to 30 Celsius. Once it has cooled, add Yeast. Adding more yeast will cause more fermentation.

3) You need to let the mixture stand for 2 days in a closed container. After 2 days, strain the bread from the liquid.

4) Add raisins and/or other fruits. This step you can add more things to change the flavor and you’re your gira more or less sweet by adding sugar.

5) Almost done! Pour your gira into bottles with an air tight seal and keep in a refrigerator for 24 hours.

6) Finally, after 24 hours, open up and enjoy! Try out some different variations, maybe add more sugar or try it with a different fruit and see which one you like the best!


For an added treat, drink your new gira with some delicious kepta duona!


2 thoughts on “6 Steps to Homemade Gira

  1. Got my gira sitting on the counter now waiting out its 2 days of fermenting! Very excited!

    Thanks for sharing

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