5 Steps to Make an Užgavėnės Mask

Užgavėnės is a traditional Lithuanian holiday that takes place in February 7 weeks before Easter. During this festival, everyone dresses up in ugly masks such as witches, goats and devils! There is also a ‘burning of winter’ or defeat of winter when a doll usually named  Morė is burned. Similar to Mardi Gras, everyone eats, dances and celebrates! So let your inner Martha Stewart out and get ready to create your own Užgavėnės mask!


Step 1: Pick your mask template


There is a wide variety of the kind of masks you can make for this holiday. Maybe you want to make the ugliest mask or a scary goat! The options are endless!

Step 2: Pick your Fabric


Once you figure out what kind of mask you are going to make you need to pick the material. More traditional masks might be made out of paper mache or out of wood but for those who want an easier material, just grab any old scraps or clothes that you have laying around. You can literally use any material! I made a goat out of purple corduroy!

Step 3: Position the Eyes


This is a crucial part of the mask since you need to be able to see when you are wearing it! Try free handing where the eyes should be or you can trace a template, either way it may take a few tries to get them perfect.

Step 4: Cut Out the Nose


One key component of these masks is the (usually) big and out of place noses. Try to pick a fabric that clashes or doesn’t fully match the mask material and use that to make the nose!

Step 5: Add Details


Go crazy! Add more colors, a mustache, some eyebrows, hair, fur, anything! Let your inner Martha Stewart come out and really go all out. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to make your mask so be as unique as possible!



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