10 Phrases/Words to know in Russian

In less than two weeks, the spring 2015 study abroad group will be headed to Russia for spring break! Before traveling to any country, it is helpful to learn some basic words and phrases in their native language. Here are 10 phrases that I believe will come in handy during our travels to Moscow and St Petersburg!

russian alphabet

1) Hi

Privete, Привет

2) Thank you

Spasibo, спасибо

3) I don’t know

Ne Znayu, не знаю

4) How are you?

Kak Dela? , как дела?

5) Goodbye

Do svidaniya, до свидания

6) Can you help me?

Mozhete pomoch?, можете помочь?

7) Where is the bathroom?

Gde zdes’ vannaya komnata?, где здесь ванная комната?

8) Restaurant

Restoran, ресторан

9) Please/ You’re Welcome

Pazhaluysta, пожалуйста

10) Metro

Metro, метро

These words and phrases will be useful when navigating the cities and when trying to read signs, especially metro and bathroom! Happy learning and let us know what you think would be helpful to know before heading to Russia!
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One thought on “10 Phrases/Words to know in Russian

  1. Of course, learning the common terms in a foreign language helps a lot if you’re going on a study tour. With internet it’s become a bit easier. Apps like Google Translate and Duolingo can be helpful in finding the right words at the right moment. Still one should certainly remember the frequently used words phrases in a language. #studyabroadlithuania

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