4 Steps to Studying Abroad at LCC

Hello future risk takers! If you have been reading about all the adventures myself and others have been experiencing while at LCC, then I can only imagine how excited you must be to have your own! Below I will give you the four steps you need to follow and all of the dates you need to know before you can embark on your own Lithuanian adventures! 

application add2

1) Online Application

To get the ball rolling head over to this site: http://www.lcc.lt/home/study-abroad/study-abroad-lithuania/study-abroad-application/

Fill out both the application and the dorm application and submit both!

Once you have completely filled out and submitted the online form you can move onto step two! And don’t forget to mention my name when asking how you heard about the program: Kristen Schilder !

2) Recommendations

Once you have submitted your application, you will need to send out some recommendation forms to peers and professors. One form will be a roommate recommendation form that needs to be completed by either a current or former roommate and the second form will need to be completed by a professor.

3) Passport

If it was not obvious, you will need a passport to come study at LCC. If you do not have one, you will need to apply for one. Once you obtain one, scan it and send a copy to LCC at the following email: studyabroad@lcc.lt

4) On Campus Offices

Finally, once all information is submitted to LCC, you need to make sure you go and speak with your off-campus adviser. They will help you fill out financial aid papers and all the essential forms that your home university needs you to complete before leaving.

Once everything is filled out and submitted you will be notified by email that LCC received all information and then you will hear back shortly on your acceptance to the greatest study abroad program! 

Happy travels risk takers! 

Important Dates to Remember: 

  • March 15: application deadline
  • August 25-30: Orientation & travel in Lithuania
  • September 24-27: Weekend trip to Riga & Tallinn
  • October 24 – November 1: 1 week trip to St. Petersburg & Moscow
  • December 14-18: Final exams
  • December 19: Departure from Lithuania

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