5 Must Sees in Moscow

Just a few more days of midterms and studying left before the Study Abroad Lithuania Spring 2015 cohort hops on a bus and heads to Russia! Our first stop of the break will be in Moscow for two days so to get you guys as excited as I am; I thought I would share the 5 top most sees when visiting Moscow. Enjoy!

1) Red Square


Red Square sits centrally located in Moscow and separates the Kremlin from St Basil’s Cathedral (see below for more details). The square serves as a type of plaza in the city and often there are parades held there. You can find the State Historic Museum, the GUM store, Lenin’s Mausoleum and various other sights while wandering the open square.

2) St Basil’s Cathedral


This is one of the most famous icons, in my opinion, of Moscow. It is located inside the Red Square and is known for it’s beautiful design both on the outside and inside. A bonus about the beautiful architecture of this landmark, is that no matter what side you are on, you can always get a great picture!

3) Tretyakov Gallery


This is a particularly interesting museum because the original founder was merely a merchant man who had a passion for collecting pieces of art. He then donated his collection of over 2,000 pieces to the Russian nation to create this museum.

4) Moscow Kremlin


The Moscow Kremlin, or more commonly referred to simply as the Kremlin, is a walled city within the center of Moscow. Inside it’s walls lies five palaces and four cathedrals along with numerous towers along the walls! It is definitely a place worth exploring.

5) The Moscow Metro


The Moscow Metro is one of the largest and most efficient metros in the world. Not only is it efficient in getting you from point A to point B, it is absolutely stunning inside. Much different from say, the NYC subway!

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