8 Springtime Activities in Klaipeda

Here in Lithuania we had a very easy winter, (sorry to those in the States who battled lots of snow and cold!) As the weather warms up, spirits are high and it is clear that spring has arrived here at LCC. Students are getting a tad distracted in class and are constantly finding ways to spend time outside, so throw on your sunglasses and head outside to join in the fun!

1) Visit Nida


                A common thing to do when the weather gets nicer in Klaipeda is to head to the sea, or more specifically to the little summer town of Nida located on the Curonian spit. Grab some friends and wander through the resort town and along the sea on a warm Saturday!

2) Bike Rides

biking to the sea

                There are absolutely no hills in Lithuania, which means it is perfect for biking! Bike through old town, bike to the beach, bike with friends, and pretty much bike anywhere! Don’t have one? That’s okay, students at LCC are always willing to let others borrow their bikes; only in return for some chocolate though (;

3) Explore Old Town

drew in old town

                While you may have gone to old town plenty a time during the colder weather, there is nothing quite like aimlessly walking through the streets on a sunny day. You might be surprised what kind of places you will find!

4) Beach Time

beach fun

                The beach is just a short walk away and the possibilities here are endless. Take a walk along the see to look for some washed up sea glass or maybe you want to have a picnic while watching the sunset. Students at LCC are always up for a fun beach day so don’t be afraid to make some new friends!

5) Market Shopping


                Every Saturday morning there is a small market in Old town full of little trinkets and souvenirs but when the weather gets nicer, the markets become bigger and more people are out shopping. Don’t take too much money with you or you will come home with an empty wallet!

6) Walks in the Forest


                Right up the street from LCC campus is a fairly large forest that is full of adventures! Take a walk through it, participate in the high ropes course, or have a fun photo-shoot with friends. Warm weather means the forest and nature is a new hang out spot for students.

7) Statue Sightseeing

statue in klaipeda

                Like a lot of European cities, Klaipeda is filled with various statues and sculptures throughout both new and old town. Some are for specific people, some give you good luck but all of them are interesting to look at and a fun place to take pictures at!

8) Studying Outside

lcc pond kaitlyn

                Even though spring has arrived, classes are still in full swing but don’t think that means you have to miss out on the great weather. Take your books and head outside by the LCC pond to sit and do your work. You might even be greeted by some feathery friends!

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