5 Reasons to get an ISIC Card

As you are getting ready to come to Lithuania and are making sure all the correct documents have been filled out, one little document should be at the top of your list: an International Student Identity Card. This tiny little card may seem like nothing more than a piece of plastic but once you settle into life in Lithuania you’ll be more than glad that you took the time to get it!

photo (7)

1) Insurance

This one is mostly for the parents. ISIC cards is another form of international insurance. This card is endorsed by UNESCO and is a way for students to be easily identified in any country as a full-time student.

2) Restaurant Discounts

As a college student myself, I know what it’s like to look in the cabinet and see no food but then also looking in your wallet and seeing no money for a meal out too. The best use for the ISIC card, (In my opinion at least) is the various discounts that places like Charlie Pica, Cili Pica and other hot spots in Klaipeda offers on meals!

3) Free Museum Entrance

This perk of the ISIC card came in handy a lot while touring through Russia. A good amount of museums all over the world will offer free admissions for students who carry an ISIC card with them. One important museum that offers free admittance is the infamous Hermitage.

4) Discounted Travel Cards

One aspect of studying abroad is being able to travel to new places on the weekends. Some of the bigger cities, like Amsterdam, will offer a discount on their tourist weekend cards. These are cards that will allowed free metro, free entrance to museums and discounted dining and touring.

5) Bus Discounts

As said above, the ISIC card comes in handy once you get to a new destination but it also helps get you there. Buses from Klaipeda to the airport generally cost about 15-18 euro each way but with a valid ISIC card, the cost is cut in half! That makes the entire cost to and from the airport 15-18 euro. That also means if you wanted to have a fun weekend in any other city in Lithuania it would be completely affordable to get there!

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