5 Tips for Future Study Abroad

As this semester is coming to an end, I thought it was time to pass on some helpful tips that will help you adjust to being a study abroad student at LCC. While I know 5 tips is not a lot, (I could spend days giving you tips!) these are the ones that I wish I had know before coming to Lithuania. 


1) Make an Effort with your Roomates

These are the people you will be sleeping next to for the next four months. While they may not become your best-friends (I was lucky that mine did!) they will be a big aspect of your experience at LCC. Always make time to ask them how their day was and to really try and get to know them. And if for some reason you don’t click right away just give it a few weeks, most Europeans take about three weeks to fully open up!

2) Get Involved at LCC

So this one sounds a bit cliche, but I am serious when I say GET INVOLVED! Nothing is better than becoming part of a group and feeling like you belong. Whether that is helping out with tutoring or any of the other fellowships offered or simply becoming a mega-moose fan and going to all the games! LCC hosts tons of fun events every week so if you miss out on one you can always go to the next thing planned! Also, go to your pod events no matter how corny they are!

3) Make Friends That Aren’t American

This one is tricky because while it is important to bond with your study abroad cohort, it is also important not to ONLY spend your time with them. What I said in tip number one, about Europeans taking a few weeks to open up and really become friendly, you can help the out by opening up to them first. People will notice when you are being genuine with them and really making an effort to become their friend. I highly recommend finding a balance with your time so that you are spending a good amount of time with other Americans as well as Europeans.

4) Try New Foods

I am one of the most picky eaters but my goal for my semester abroad was to try a new food at least once a week. I can now say I succeeded my goal and could not be happier. Lithuania may have some different eating habits and a variety of  foods that are not in the United States so there is no time but the present to try them! You may just find your new favorite meal or snack!

5) Always Say Yes

LCC is definitely a ‘yes’ school. With students from over 20 countries, there is so much that you can learn and experience from all over the world at this one place. If someone asks you to read over a paper for them, do it and then talk to them about their perspective on the topic they’re writing about. If you are offered the opportunity to visit someone’s home with them, take it. Some of my favorite memories have been from times when I almost said no but chose to say yes instead and I will always remember that.

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