Welcome New Interns!

As the SALT Spring cohort gets ready to end their time in Lithuania, so do the study abroad interns. While some of the current interns are graduating and moving onto bigger and better places, all of them are moving on from the position as study abroad interns. Even though we are going to miss them a bunch, we are happy to introduce to you the upcoming 2015-2016 interns! 

new study abroad interns

Karolina Kieraite

Karolina is a third year student at LCC from Lithuania and is a Psychology major

 Luba Kartashova

Luba is a fourth year here studying English and is from Russia

Evaldas Daugintis

Evaldas is also a fourth year at LCC studying Business, also from Lithuania

 Veko Kaishauri

Veko is a second year, Psychology major from Georgia (the country not the state!)

 Olga Vihodets

Olga is from Moldova and is a fourth year business student

We are all super stoked to welcome this bunch into the Study Abroad family and can’t wait for all you future students to meet them! Each one brings a unique personality to the group and all of them aim to help you feel at home here in Lithuania. 

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