Nature in LT

Lithuania abound in forests, rolling postures, and countless other natural wonders that are well preserved and show the unique nature of the country. I figured in this post I would share some interesting places to see in Lithuania for you outdoor seekers out there! Here are some of the unexpected spots of natural beauty found in Lithuania. Some of them might be quite a drive from Klaipeda, but beautiful nonetheless and totally worth seeing.

Closest to the port of Klaipeda, there is the Curonian Spit, which is famous throughout the region for its lush forests, beaches, and dunes that come alive in the warmer months. Here, you can pretty much do anything from biking, sailing, hiking, and swimming in the summer. It is simply beautiful and only a €0,80 ferry ride from Klaipeda!Curonian-Spit-Kursiu-Nerija-National-Parkcuronian-lagoon

A little father is the Dzūkija National Park, which is the largest protected area in Lithuanian and has the most extensive forests. Here, you catch a little R&R with hiking and kayaking. Small villages dot the landscape, a little glimpse into Lithuanian’s past.

DSC_0704cop blogspot

Aukštaitija National Park, known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”, is another spot of incredible beauty famous for its network of freshwater lakes. Here, water  activities are common, but like in Dzūkija, there are also many small ethnographic historical villages that make old Lithuanian folklore come alive. Randomly, there is also a beekeeping museum that illustrates Lithuania’s ancient practice of beekeeping. I personally wouldn’t go because I’m allergic, but for all you bee lovers out there, this is for you. 😉

15273126506_1e4f473fef Aukštaitija-National-Park

I wouldn’t describe Lithuania as “hilly”, but Kernavė definitely has quite the hills and impressive views. As the capital of Lithuania until 1321, Kernavė was home to many kings and queens of Lithuania past. These would also be awesome sledding hills in the winter, but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself!


As you can see, Lithuania is incredibly beautiful, and I look forward to exploring some of these areas during the rest of my time here. Have a good day!


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