Unexpected Thrifting Finds

Going thrift store shopping is common around Klaipeda, as there are many great thrift stores here with a lot of good clothes. They vary in style and price, but one thing you are guaranteed to find at every one is coats–and a lot of them. My friend Jenna and I decided to look for the most unique coats…and tried on a lot of interesting options. Here are some of our more unexpected finds:

If you’re feeling fancy and don’t mind dolling out around €400, there are many wonderful fur coats at the thrift store. Pick your animal–bear, rabbit, yak (at least my coat looked like a yak), they have it here!

blog1 blog2

If you’re not sure about all that fur, you could go for this more subdued style:


It gets cold here in Lithuania, so you can be sure to stay warm in an 80’s style snowsuit:


Or in this wonderful applique jacket:


Check out this velvet number:


For all you hipsters out there, this coat is for you:


Just your standard onesie:


And lastly, probably the most unexpected of all…an American flag sweatshirt.


Happy thrifting!


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