Mishaps and Misadventures

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.52.47 PM

After almost a month of living in Lithuania you would think the study abroad cohort would have things figured out. But we don’t, and we still make mistakes and get ourselves into some ridiculous situations! Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks:

  1. Ketchup. No matter how many times you read the label on a glass jar of red liquid, and no matter how confident you are it’s tomato sauce, it probably isn’t. It’s most likely ketchup in a jar, but you likely won’t realize this until you pour it over your pasta. We’ve had more more than one study abroad make this mistake in the last few weeks!
  2. The public transportation system can be a little bit confusing the first few times, but some of us still have a hard time and don’t end up where we want to when we think we should. Whether it’s misjudging the time the last bus runs at night and missing it or getting on the wrong bus late at night and ending up in Timbuktu, we’ve done it all!
  3. Laundry has been a struggle for many of us. We say the machines eat our tokens we put in, but it’s more likely we put them in the wrong machines and wash someone else’s clothes for them instead (you’re welcome, random LCC students!). My first time doing laundry here resulted in the door to the washing machine falling off, the machine stopping the cycle before it finished, and me wringing my clothes out in the sink and hanging them to dry overnight. Long story short, we’re working on it. Although, it made us feel a little bit better to see that someone had hung a banana peel on the drying rack, so we aren’t the only ones with questionable laundry skills! IMG_3213
  4. Something I think all 20 of us would agree is awkward is when we try to carry a conversation with someone in public in Lithuanian. We get about as far as exchanging hellos before we just give them a blank stare and hope they stop talking to us because they lost us three sentences ago. Our Lithuanian professor would be ashamed, but we look like a deer caught in headlights every time. So much for blending in!
  5. My roommates have been teaching me some Russian (which the majority of LCC students speak), but the only three words I can seem to remember are ‘hello’, ‘yes’ and ‘death’–which allows me to join in on very select conversations and usually isn’t hugely appreciated! But hey, A for effort, right?

Anyway, as we continue to accustom ourselves to this new country and culture, we are learning new things each and every day! We’re all super excited to see what’s in store in the next three months we have to spend in the beautiful Leituva!



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