Come To Lithuania!


Study Abroad Lithuania is now accepting applications for Fall 2016! LCC International University has over 60 countries represented in its student body and the experience of living with Eastern Europeans is a one in a lifetime opportunity! Talk to your home university study abroad office to learn more–applications are due by March 15th, so be a risk taker and check out this link for more information:!

Top Five Reasons to Come to Lithuania:

  1. KEPTA DUONA. This Lithuanian delicacy consists of fried bread covered in a cheesy garlic sauce, and it can literally be found everywhere in Lithuania! Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.01.23 PM
  2. Trips to Russia, Latvia & Estonia. No other study abroad program builds in (and pays for) trips to three other countries! When else will you have the chance to get a Russian visa and spend a week in Moscow and St. Petersburg? And, before you go, you learn some of the history of the culture and the language so you can fully appreciate the experience.
  3. The Baltic Sea. Easy access to the Sea and its sunsets are some of the highlights of living in the coastal city of Klaipėda for four months!IMG_3626 (1)
  4. Living with Eastern European roommates. As a study abroad student, you are placed in a room with three or four other roommates from Eastern Europe. This allows you to live a true European lifestyle while also breaking stereotypes about their culture and your own. I live with two girls from Belarus and one from Ukraine, and it’s probably the most educational and rewarding part of the semester in Lithuania!
  5. Experiencing yourself and God interculturally. Being thrown into a different culture as quickly and fully as an international university requires, you are given an opportunity to learn about God in ways you may not have experienced Him in the States. Living in a Catholic country and being at a Christian university with Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Muslim students is an experience unique to study abroad Lithuania!

If you don’t believe me that applying to spend your semester in Lithuania will be one of your best decisions, here are what some other study abroad students think about it so far:

“If you’re looking for a place that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and provides  you with experiences that allow for personal growth and diverse cultural interactions, study abroad Lithuania is the perfect program!” – Allison, from Wheaton College

“Lithuania is a great location if you’re hoping to explore as much of Europe as possible in your semester abroad! I get to learn about and invest in Lithuanian culture while also traveling and seeing other parts of the world.” -Rachel, from Azusa Pacific University

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