Countdown to Russia

We leave for Russia in less than 24 hours, and we couldn’t be more excited! After weeks of trip prep and Russian lessons, all that’s left to do is pack and get on the road. We will be spending spring break in both Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two most beautiful cities in Russia, seeing places like Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Hermitage, and much more! Here are some cool things about Russia I bet you didn’t know:

  1. Russia is bigger than the former planet Pluto.
  2. There are almost 10 million more women in Russia than men.
  3. Russia and America are less than 4 km apart at their nearest point.
  4. The Hermitage Museum has cats to protect the art from rodents. Each cat even has their own room in the basement.
  5. Beer wasn’t considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013.
  6. Traffic can be so bad in Moscow that wealthy Russians hire fake ambulances just to beat the rush.
  7. The Moscow metro is the fastest metro in the world, and also the most beautiful.
  8. There are 11 different time zones within Russia, more than any other country.

In our Russian lessons, we practiced the Cyrillic alphabet and learned some key words and phrases to take with us. Here are some of the must-know Russian words we’re working really hard to remember for our trip:

Привет  (privet) – hi, hello

как дела? (kak dela) – how are you?

пожалуйста (pozhaluysta) – please

Спасибо (spasiba) – thank you

английский (angliyskiy) – English

We may not have them down pat, but we have a 20 hour journey there to practice them some more! We’ll post lots of pictures and adventures to the blog when we get back from the trip! yвидимся, (see you later)  friends!


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