Moscow, Russia

After an equally exciting and tiring week spent exploring Russia, we are back at LCC and ready to finish our last 6 weeks here (WHAT??) strong! Our time in Russia was one of growth and one full of once in a life time experiences.We spent 3 days in Moscow and got to see pretty much all of the sites one would think of when thinking about Russia’s capital city. We got to explore Kremlin at the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Moskva River, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, and the Alexander Garden. We got to pose for silly photos in Red Square, in front of and inside of St. Basil’s Cathedral (the most beautiful building in the world, if I do say so myself!), and see Lenin’s preserved body in his tomb. We survived the Moscow Metro, which in and of itself was a huge accomplishment, ate some delicious Russian cuisine, and experienced a traditional Russian circus. In other words, what didn’t we do?

We started the trip with a 4 hour bus ride to Riga, where we stopped along the way to see the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. During the fight for independence, Lithuanian Christians were being oppressed. They started putting crosses in the ground to show they would not give up their faith, but the Soviet soldiers would take them right back out. The more oppression they faced, the more crosses they stood. Now lay millions of crosses on a small piece of land, representing the perseverance of the Lithuanian Christians, and showing an example of how God’s love can spread through human beings.

Then we spent 19 hours on a train from Riga, Latvia to Moscow, Russia. Here are some of our favorite things we did during our three days in Moscow:

Even the Metro was breathtaking! ^^

Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral (inside and out, day and night), Lenin’s tomb, matryoshka dolls, more cathedrals, goofy pictures 🙂

Russian circus! (with real lions and tigers, oh my!)

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