Independent Travel to Dublin, Ireland

Sorry this post is a day late! We were traveling for our long weekend to celebrate Easter so blogging had to wait until I got back to LCC (and let me tell you, as fantastic as the weekend was, I have never been more excited to sleep in my life).

Another girl and I spent two days in Dublin, Ireland and another two in London, United Kingdom. As second group also went to Dublin for the whole weekend, so we were definitely hitting up the UK for Easter! What we didn’t know before going to Dublin was that it also happened to be the centennial celebration of their independence as a country, so Easter Sunday was a dual celebration in the city center. They had ceremonies all over the city and big screen TVs playing the main ceremony for everyone else to see–the President of Ireland even came and hung a ceremonial wreath. It was a really fun cultural experience to see the Irish people remember their past as an oppressed country and celebrate the freedom they now have!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.41.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.42.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.44.06 PM

Here are some tips we learned from our travel mishaps along the way:

  1. ALWAYS bring snacks. You will regret nothing more than getting stuck in an airport longer than you expect and not having snacks. The ‘hanger’ gets real.
  2. ALWAYS check to make sure you have the right kind of outlet adapter for your phone charger in the country you visit. The UK is different than Lithuania and it was a struggle to share one the whole weekend when we constantly drained phone batteries with taking pictures!
  3. PLAN everything so you’re not running around last minute trying to work out the small details–transportation, hotels, etc. Get it taken care of before you go so you can just enjoy your adventure!
  4. CHECK the weather before you leave and pack accordingly–getting caught in the rain without a rain coat or umbrella is unpleasant. Our Cliffs of Moher tour was a little damp and we felt like wet rats…

Although, the mishaps are part of what makes the adventure memorable so if you do have a problem independently traveling look at the bright side and laugh about it! And, if all else fails, the study abroad office is back at LCC waiting to help you out!


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