Thanksgiving Away From Home

Fall ’17 Study Abroad Family 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend friends! 🦃🎉🦃🎉🦃

Even though we are over 5,000 miles away from home, we’ve still found a way to celebrate in Lithuania with homemade dishes – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, spiced apple cider, deviled eggs, mac & cheese and many warm desserts.

Standing in line for food 😋

After long weekends of away traveling, and an endless stream of exams and papers, I think Thanksgiving Dinner is what a lot of us needed.

The food disappeared fast … what can we say though – we’re great cooks 😎✌️

Hugs… many hugs!

 Things we are thankful for: warm food on a cold day, hugs (lots of them), spending these last few weeks of the semester with our study abroad group, and familiar flavors from home 

And now family portraits 📷! 

Gabrielle, Thao, Jason, TJ, Landon, Stephanie and Jemi from Messiah College
Brett from Waynesburg, Kinzie from Wheaton, Lisa from Cedarville, and Grace from Indiana Wesleyan
Valeria, Angela, and Amanda from Azusa Pacific University
Taylor, Ellen, Yoon, and Nysha from Taylor University
The lovely SA staff + interns!

Continue to read about our adventures:


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