Artsy Journey into Vilnius

Literatų Street

Whether its the charming basement art studio you’ll find by the train tracks serving homemade ginger kombucha or the hidden blue street decorated in art paying homage  to historical writers and poets, you will be bound to stumble across something extraordinary in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Window shopping in August

A lot of students in our study abroad group have gotten the chance to take weekend trips to cities such as Oslo, London, Prague, and Rome. But there was something about Vilnius that drew me back for a second trip. Especially if your short on money and time, Vilnius makes for the perfect weekend trip from our university in Klaipeda. Its a four to five hour journey by bus and with your ISIC card, you can receive student discounts for transportation.


The last time we visited Vilnius was for our study abroad orientation during late August and coming back in the conclusion of November showed us a new side of the city and its transformation through the seasons. The leaves had fallen and the sky paler as the city rewinded into a quieter pace of life with the passing of tourism season.

While summer in Vilnius was beautiful, there was something about the winter too with its streets covered in Christmas lights, cold hues, and chilly nights that stood out during our visit.


Here are some art-oriented recommendations for your next weekend trip or short stay in Vilnius…



1) Literatų gatvė

Address:  Literatų gatvė, Vilnius 01130

A pale blue wall mounted with an assortment of artwork dedicated to Lithuanian poets and writers. From delicate ceramic work to paintings, sculptures, and glass, each piece of art has incredible thought and detail put into it.

Details from Literatų Street


2) Contemporary Art Centre

Address:  Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius 01130

A smaller contemporary art museum with only five exposition rooms but worth it if you have the time! Regular admission is 3 euros but with your ISIC card, its only 1.5 euros!


3) Street Art

Address: Here’s a handy map of the street art to see in Vilnius that we used during our weekend trip

Walking through Vilnius, one is bound to stumble across buildings decorated in quotes and graffiti. There’s also Graffiti Pier, a street where its legal to create freely, and the art there is constantly changing and worth revisiting.


4) Visit Basement Cafes / Art Studios

Address: “Ideas Block” at Pylimo g. 60-18, Vilnius 01337

While wandering around searching for street art, we came across this delightful and humble creative space and cafe called “Ideas Block”. Surrounded by a gallery of handmade journals, jewelry, and crafted cermanics, we ordered ginger and blueberry kombucha and chatted around a table while the owners continued to work on their art projects. Come for delicious kombucha, stay for the peaceful and creative atmosphere.

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