Final Reflections from Fall 2017

Our final family dinner 😦

All good things come to an end but we are so thankful for these four months here. There are so many words and thoughts to describe this semester in Lithuania. 💖

This semester has been an absolutely life-changing one. I can honestly say that I am entirely different person than I was at the beginning of the semester. Now, I am also part of a larger family–my SALT family! I have grown, and I have learned so much more about the world and cultures surrounding me, and I can’t wait to see all of you guys again!” – Kestrel Ray

(Pictured:  Taylor and Ellen) 

“My experience this semester has been one full of adventure, new relationships, and personal growth. This trip may not be for everyone, but for those who feel a passion for travel and want to do something life-changing, Lithuania is a hidden gem in Europe that should not be missed.” – Taylor Plummer

(Pictured: Jason, Ellen, Talor, Jameson, Kestrel, Azelin, & Nysha) 

“Absolutely breath taking experience that exceeded all of my expectations! Met great people and made great memories!!!” – Jameson Iiams

(Pictured: Kinzie, Stephanie, Angela, & Katie) Pictured by Katie

“The most important thing to say about this semester was how much God blessed it. I am so thankful for the grace He gave us as we stumbled through a new country, language, and culture, the incredible leadership in the SA office who were so generous with us as we asked thousands of questions, the family He built between the SALT gang, and the great adventure. The Lord showed His faithfulness time and time again this semester and I can’t brag enough on how breathtaking the whole adventure was” – Kinzie Callahan

(Pictured: Angela & Jemi) Photo by Angela

” In one word: unforgettable. I met so many new people, I traveled the world, I got to have a very internationally influenced education, I became more independent, I grew in my faith, and I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone. My study abroad experience has definitely contributed to who I am as a person today. I loved every bit of my time in Lithuania and hope to come back soon!” – Jemi Lui

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