Adventures Outside of Lithuania

Although we absolutely adore Lithuania, it’s always fun to go and explore other parts of Europe during our time abroad. Thus far, the cohort has visited a total of 10 countries independently from the organized Study Abroad trips to Estonia, Latvia, and Russia!

“Traveling has allowed me to row and learn as an individual and I hope to be able to utilize all of my experiences in the future…” -Sarah


Poland colorful buildings

Group 1 to Poland pic


Ally: We learned the word “Kombinowac” which means “thinking outside the box.”

Sarah: I was able to see the deep impacts up close in person of the Holocaust.

McKenna: We walked the same ground as the Jews in the Holocaust at Auschwitz which was eye opening to hopelessness they lived in, but Poland was much more than experiencing history, it was a memorable time of deepening our new friendships.

Paige: Poland was great because it was our first real trip of the semester; I felt like I had a chance to see more of Poland than I would have independently.

Kristina: We hopped on an overnight bus to Poland as our first independent travel, with an LCC professor and some Erasmus students. We stopped first in Auschwitz, which was an incredibly heavy and heartbreaking experience, strongly contrasted to the colorful buildings and exciting history of Krakow little over three hours later.

Cinthia: I was sick the entire trip, but it didn’t take away from the powerful experience.

Taylor: Poland was incredibly powerful to see the actual place where Jews experienced the Holocaust; Also, the city was so beautiful with its colorful architecture.


KT and Cinthia in Spain


Cinthia in Spain

Spain Dalis 2

Megan and Ally



Castle in Spain

Ally: Barcelona was incredible! The elderly population was so active and the culture is so laid back, a lot different than the US.

Dalis: I was completely and utterly in love with the people, the food, and the language.

Cinthia: Spain was beautiful, and I loved speaking my native language, Spanish.


Denmark Copenhagen

Denmark Copenhagen 2

Dalis: I found inspiration around every corner, the Danes are ahead of the game.

McKenna: The best part of Copenhagen was the colorful buildings, biking atmosphere, and being reunited with my cousin in a different country than normal.

Kristina: At first, Copenhagen didn’t seem like anything special to me but as we wandered the streets without any particular agenda (which when my mom is the planner hardly ever happens), I fell in love with its abundance of copper, clean streets, and paradoxically quick but peaceful culture.

Cinthia: Although my time exploring the country was limited since it was during my 11 hour layover, I loved it!


Amelia from Germany

Germany with Amelia

Lisel Berlin Wall

Amelia: Here I learned a lot about German culture in a place with beautiful baroque architecture and neat history.

Liesl: When I was in eleventh grade and doing a project of the Cold War in Berlin, I never thought I would actually see the remains of the wall in person.


Sarah MK Paige Taylor Norway repeated


Norway flag

Sarah: I’ve been able to experience the beauty of God’s creation on top of a mountain in Norway!

McKenna: The scenery of Norway, from the fjords to the sea, was indescribable beauty that reminded me of the beauty of our creator as well.

Paige: Norway was like Alaska with a European charm; it was the most important trip for me because I needed a break from cities, and mountains fix a lot of things.

Taylor: I was in awe of the beauty of the nature around me, created by a God so beautiful and intricate.


Portugal Dalis


Dalis: A darling country that I will surely return to!


Schwab with Family Amsterdam

Amsterdam: Kristina

Dalis: There was never a dull moment in Amsterdam, the best time with the best people.

Kristina: I met my family in Amsterdam which was a surreal, fantastic experience. The diversity of culture and cuisine coupled with the plethora of English speakers in the Netherlands made this weekend feel like a quick trip home.


Taylor and McKenna in London


McKenna: London is my favorite city I have been to so far, I loved the old buildings, rich history, red double decker buses, and hearing English again!

Taylor: London was an incredible place filled with the best accents, most stunning views, elegant architecture, and sweet people!


Reno, Ana, and DalisItaly water viewsReno and Ana, AKA The RodriguezItaly Dalis

Ana: Polignano a Mare welcomed me with open arms and showered me with overwhelming beauty, but most importantly, it reminded me that generosity and kindness can make all the difference.

Dalis: It was completely magical in every way.

Reno: The best coast, the best food, the best people, and the best trip.


Sweden with Easter EggsSweden 2Taylor and Ana

Cinthia and AnaSweden

Ally: When in Sweden: go to IKEA.

Ana: Sweden wouldn’t have been the same without these two.

Sarah: I had the opportunity to be part of Easter traditions.

Paige: Stockholm was only a quick layover, but exploring was still special and the pastries: WOW.

Cinthia: The Swedish meatballs were

Taylor: Growing up in a Swedish town in California, I never thought I would get to experience the Swedish culture and traditions in actual Sweden, which I absolutely loved!

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