To under-pack or overpack???

What is one thing you wish you would have brought to LCC and one thing you wish you hadn’t?

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Katie and McKenna with their backpacks and luggage.

McKenna: Bring spanks for dresses, a water bottle, and ziplock bags. I honestly used everything I’ve brought.

Katie: I would highly recommend bringing a weekend backpack aside from your bigger backpack. It comes very handy when doing tours and walking around Klaipeda. Everything thing I brought I used.

Ana thought bubble

“I wish I would have brought some of my nicer clothes because European fashion is incomparable.” –  Ana

Ana:  I really should not have brought my blowdryer. I could have used the space for more clothing and maybe Hot Cheetos? I found the perfect hot tools here for a reasonable price. Also decorations from home are a must. It gave my dorm room more of a cozy feel.

Paige: WARM WEATHER CLOTHES!!! Just a few will do. It starts getting warmer towards the end of the semester.

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Kristina contemplating the question at hand.

Kristina: I wish I would have brought one nice outfit, even if it is not warm! Travel size liquids, makeup wipes, if you like specific drugs like DayQuil you should bring some. I’m so glad I brought pictures from home, it makes me a little less homesick. I used everything I had except my straightener.

Megan: Definitely more ziplock bags and a portable charger! I would leave excess of dressy clothes.

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Bring what is necessary and essential in order for you to experience studying abroad to the fullest!!

Cinthia: I would definitely bring more colorful clothing. I brought way too many grays and blacks and I probably didn’t need to bring my heeled boots…. Bring DayQuil and NyQuil if you are prevalent to getting sick. You can get some at the pharmacy but personally it is not the same for me.

Ally: Bring a swimsuit! Also, bring spandex if you like to wear them under dresses. I would recommend not bring sunblock, if you really need it you can buy it here.

Taylor: I would definitely bring ziplock bags, more shoes, different sizes for backpacks. I would bring my Polaroid camera. I hardly used it.

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