Introducing the new team!

Labas! Welcome to the fall 2018 study abroad blog! It is our third week being in Lithuania as study abroad students at LCC International University. Our time here as travelers and learners, so far, has been amazing and we have already built relationships that will last a lifetime! Our blog and social media are run by different study abroad students every semester. Our goal is to help future students adapt and integrate into the LCC culture.

To kick off the new semester I wanted to introduce myself, along with my team members and staff of the study abroad program. We hope when you decide to study abroad at LCC you will have access to resources about how to live day to day in Klaipeda and the surrounding areas. Let’s meet everyone!

AmberAmber Atkinson






I will be writing and posting blogs every Tuesday.  I am 21 years old and from Dallas, Texas. In the states, I go to college at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. I study Intercultural Studies and TESOL. When I graduate, I plan to move out of the US to do full-time mission work. I chose to study abroad at LCC because of the price of the program. I also chose Lithuania because it is in Europe and you can easily travel to other European countries for cheap! A few random facts about me: My favorite cereal is Reese Puffs. If I were an ice cream flavor I would be mint chocolate chip. If I were one of the seven dwarfs I would be Bashful. My favorite planet is Jupiter. If I could have any mythical pet it would be a Sphinx.

KalebKaleb Kramer






Kaleb will be writing and posting blogs every Thursday. He is a 21 year old student from Ostrander, Ohio. He attends Colorado Christian University. Majoring in English, Kaled is preparing to go to graduate school. Kaleb chose LCC study abroad because he wanted an opportunity to live in a different culture for a longer period, so he can truly get to know the academic culture in a different place. A few random facts about Kaleb: If he could time travel he would go to the future! His favorite dinosaur is an Apatosaurus. His most useless talent is hitting snooze on his alarm clock. He thinks the coolest thing that will be invented in the future will be flying cars. If he was an ice cream flavor he would be vanilla bean.

LaurenLauren Lunt




Rainbow Fish

Elephants and


Lauren is part of the Social Media Team. She is 20 years old and from Colorado, and studies at George Fox University in Oregon. She is a double major in Communications and Art Administration. She chose LCC to study abroad because she wanted the chance to surround herself with people from all around the world, learn about different cultures, and travel! Lithuania is apart of the world that she didn’t know much about and would have most likely never have traveled to without an opportunity like this. A few random facts about Lauren: Her favorite cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats. If she could time travel she would go back to the 1960’s because she thought the music then was phenomenal! Her favorite dinosaur is Ducky from Land Before Time. If her life had a theme song it would be Peace Train by Cat Stevens. Her useless talent is that she can yodel.

AveryAvery Amstutz






Avery is also apart of the Social Media Team. She is 21 years old and from Memphis, Tennessee. Avery goes to Taylor University where she studies Marketing. She plans to run her own photography business once she graduates. She chose LCC because she is passionate about Europe. A few random facts about Avery: If she was one of the seven dwarfs she would be Happy. If she had a mythical creature she would want a pet unicorn! If her life had a theme song it would be Dancing Queen by ABBA. If she was an ice cream flavor she would be cookie dough, because yum! Teleportation is the coolest thing she thinks will be invented in the future.

Now, let’s meet the people who put this whole Study Abroad program together and into action, the Study Abroad Staff!


  • Role: Director, Study Abroad Lithuania
  • Best Study Abroad Memory: Meeting the Alumni of Study Abroad Lithuania in their home schools and talking about their individual semesters after some time passed by.
  • Favorite Lithuanian Word: Iki Pasimatymo! (See you later!)


  • Role: Senior Recruiter
  • Best Study Abroad Memory: Taking students to a sauna on the beach – in January – and watching everyone run from sauna to freezing Baltic Sea and back. So fun!
  • Favorite Lithuanian Word: ežiukas


  • Role: Study Abroad Recruiter
  • Best Study Abroad Memory: Getting coffee with students at the end of the semester to hear about the adventures they have had and seeing how much they have grown since first meeting them in Vilnius or at their home institutions.
  • Favorite Lithuanian Word: Labukas!


  • Role: Experience Coordinator
  • Best Study Abroad Memory: Hearing everyone’s stories on the train to Russia. It felt like we were sitting on the Hogwarts Express.
  • Favorite Lithuanian Word: Miela


We all look forward to sharing our experiences with you as we continue our journey in Lithuania! Viso gero and talk to you soon!

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