Lithuanian Language

Labas (Hello)!  While you study abroad at LCC International University, it will be very useful to learn a bit of Lithuanian. When living in a different country, it is only respectful to learn the language (and culture) of where you are staying. I figured I could share with you guys some basic Lithuanian and where to use it!

Bus station- Autobusų Stotis. When at the Bus stop it’s not required that you speak Lithuanian, but it is greatly appreciated. I have been yelled at a few times for not at least trying to speak Lithuanian. So here are the basics:

One Student Ticket Please– Prašau vieną studentišką billetą

Station– Stotis

Does this bus go to ______ station?– Ar šis autobusas važiuoa į ________ stotį?

Stop Please!– Sustok prašau!

How much?– Kiek kainuoja?

Thank You– Ačiū

No– Ne / Yes– Taip

Market- Turgus.Grocery shopping has been one of the hardest transitions since I’ve been here. Here are a few words that will be helpful to you when shopping for food:

Where is _____?– Kur yra _____?

Meat– Mėsa

Vegetables– Daržovės

Milk– Pienas

Ice Cream– Ledai

Check Out– Eilė

Personal Care– Asmeninė priežiūra

Pizza– Pica

Restaurant- Restoranas / Cafe- Kavinė. These are some basics that will help you when you are at a restaurant or coffee shop:

American Menu Please– Amerikietišką meniu prašau

Can I have ______.– Ar galėčiau  _______.

Water-Vanduo / Coke-Koksas / Juice-Sultys / Coffee-Kava / Tea-Arbata

Pasta– Makaronai

Chicken– Vištiena

Beef– Jautiena

Fish– žuvis

Dessert– Desertas

Soup– Sriuba

Salad– Salotos

Check please– Sąskaitą, prašau

Random- Atsitiktinis. Here are a few of my favorite sayings in Lithuanian:

I Love You– Aš tave myliu

Amber– Gintaras

Souvenir– Sovenyras

Airplane– Lėktuvas

Taxi– Taksi

Friend– Draugas

I study at LCC International University– Aš studijuoju LCC Tarptautiniame Universitete


I hope this little guide to the Lithuanian language will be helpful for you as you make Klaipeda your home for the semester! Iki pasimatysimo (See ya)!


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