Student Clubs at LCC!

This is probably an unexpected change from our last two posts on Georgia, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. So, back to life on campus (just like we’re slowly adjusting to being a part of again).

It can be really difficult to make friends and make people in college, especially if you are coming into the school as a student who has already finished freshman year. People have already found their friend-groups, everyone is living their own life, the growing amount of coursework and potentially jobs makes it very hard to find the time to dedicate to building a solid friendship. Add in being from a different culture, not speaking the dominant social language, and only being a member of the community for a brief time, and it can be even more difficult as a study abroad.

That’s why the student-led clubs at LCC are so valuable. They’re opportunities to meet people other than classmates, roommates, and floormates, in a more informal time where people can explore things they’re curious about or have a passion for. They create a break in the routine of classes and homework, and most importantly, allow for a chance to have fun.

What clubs do they have at LCC though? Since they are student-led, it will fluctuate as the student body changes, but there’s enough for everyone.

Like civic service and volunteering? There is a Rotary chapter run by LCC students and there is also a group called Lean In, which focuses on empowering women in the LCC community to prepare them for future careers.

For those who like debates and engaging with current issues, there is a debating club! We also have a book club, for those with a literary bent.

There’s also a hip-hop dance club that I, personally, am involved in, that focuses on developing technique. As someone who has done very little dance in my life, this has been a great opportunity. It is something entirely unlike anything I have done before. Not unlike traveling, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into doing things I have never tried before. Even though most of us have never considered ourselves dancers, we’re finding we’re better at it than we thought we were. (Kind of like traveling shows us we’re capable of more than we might think.) There is also capoeira, which is a Brazilian dance/martial art style, for those not as big a fan of choreography.

Plus, there is a cooking club! Once a month, a group gets together to learn how to cook a meal from a different culture and share it as part of the group. What could be better than good food and new friends?

There are more of course, but these, after all, are just a sample of the opportunities that exist in the LCC community. Go join a club and make new friends! For alums, were you part of any clubs? What was your favorite part?

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