Happy Thanksgiving from Study Abroad Lithuania!


Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family back in the United States! We hope you all have a fantastic day of rest and gratefulness with your family. Eat lots of good time and spend time catching up with those you love.

We had our own Thanksgiving here at LCC, which is a yearly tradition for the study abroad program. We all provided a dish and came together in our dorm lobby to celebrate one of America’s most famous traditions with our fellow study abroad students, interns, staff members, and their families.

It’s really fun to see Thanksgiving here at LCC. For many of the students, they have never celebrated Thanksgiving, since it is an American holiday. So, even as we learn about other cultures, Thanksgiving is a chance to share our culture and traditions in return.

Many of the dorm floors held their own Thanksgiving dinners, creating a chance for students to come together with their friends and adopted university families while learning a little more about what our lives in America.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, cherish these opportunities, and sleep off those food comas! We will be back next week after we sleep of our own turkey coma!

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