Dressember at LCC!

We’re excited to be a part of the broader LCC, and international, communities to participate in Dressember. Yes, Dressember, not December. It is an annual event that occurs all over the world where thousands of people join together to raise awareness about sex trafficking and fundraise for the organizations that directly strive to end sex trafficking.

As an international community, LCC’s Dressember team creates a microcosm of the broader Dressember movement. As a student body with representatives from over forty countries, it is a chance for all of us to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable and exploited. It is not just an American issue, a Bosnian issue, a Latin American issue, and so on. It is a global issue and only by working together globally will we be able to make a difference.

Globally, sex trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry and now is believed to be more profitable than both drug trafficking and arms trafficking. On the Dressember website, it lists that more than 30 million people are estimated to be enslaved worldwide, including two million children who are sexually exploited. It happens in every city in every country in the world.

Only by everyday individuals stepping up and getting involved will we, as a movement and as a community, be able to bring an end to sex trafficking. Dressember was founded by an American college student whose skills lay in fashion design and blogging. Non-technical skills, yet she started a movement that has raised millions of dollars to fight sex trafficking. And she was only one individual starting something. Think of what we could do if we all got involved.

She stood up. We’re standing up. Will you join us?


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