Do we have to go home?

Hello friends. We have a little over a week until our semester abroad in Lithuania is over. It is crazy how time has flown by. At the beginning of the semester, we wrote a lot of things we wanted to accomplish before we left to go back home. I personally have accomplished everything on my list. We have gone swimmingLith2 in the Baltic sea when it was sunny and chilly. We have visited countless amount of countries independently and as groups. We have all grown into global citizens and not just US citizens. We have made friends and lived with people from 42 different counties! It has been amazing to see everyone in our group grow into the people they have become today.

Reverse culture shock is going to be a real thing once we all go home. We will miss the Baltic sea views. We will long for the Lith4cobblestone streets of old town. We will live off our memories of sitting around with friends at dinners and eating yummy Lithuanian food.  I keep saying as a joke to all my friends, “Do we really have to go home?” The true answer to that question is no, we dont. If we desire we could always transfer to LCC, or once we graduate we can move back to Klaipeda.

As I was sitting at the bus stop on the way to one of my favorite coffee shops, Coffee King, I was thinking “I may never come back to this area again”. That Idea broke my heart. Lith5Why do we only have to visit a place once? If you chose to study abroad at LCC, Klaipeda will forever impact you. It will change you for the best. you will want to bring back your friends, and family and show them the place that you lived for four months.

When I leave in a week and a half I dont have to say goodbye to Lithuania forever. It will only be for a short amount of time because I KNOW that I will be back. I hope when and if you decide to come to Klaipedia that you dont just come and then leave it behind you. I hope you come, allow it to change you, and then come back and show people this amazing country!

It’s been great being able to share my experiences withLITH1 you this semester while I have been abroad. This will be my last post and Kaleb will post his last post later this week. If I could inspire you to do anything, it would be to COME TO LITHUANIA! Study Abroad! Be a RISK TAKER! Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING stop you from doing what you REALLY want to do!

I’ll see ya around the globe! Iki!

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