How to Get Involved at LCC

During your time abroad, it’s important to get involved! Leaving the dorm room and engaging with the community opens up a way for interacting with students. There are so many opportunities here at LCC. I definitely appreciate all that there is to do. I try and finish my homework during the afternoon, so that I can go participate in activities with other students later in the day. This is a great way to meet new people and encounter new cultures.

Here a few opportunities that you will have when you come here:

  • Independence Days– There are over 40 countries represented at LCC. During the semester, students present their country, its food, music, and traditions for others to learn about. This past week, we celebrated Kazakhstan’s Independence Day. It was such a vibrant atmosphere and a great introduction to a culture I had no previously encountered before. Students played games, watched music videos, and tired some delicious food. Next week we have a Lithuanian Independence Day, and I am so excited! Everyone has such a fun time hanging out and learning about another culture together.

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  • Student Life If you are looking to fellowship with other students or to just ask questions about faith, then there is a Bible study for you. Also, every Wednesday, we have chapel during the lunch period and are able to worship together and listen to a message. Students have the opportunity to be involved with the worship band. Some study abroad students and I are participating in this group, and I have loved getting to meet new people and worshiping with students from other countries.

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  • Alpha-Although this group does fall under Student Life, it is a special weekly gathering that I just wanted to mention. Once a week, students and faculty gather and share a meal together. Then, they watch a movie discussing different parts of faith. Afterwards, students discuss topics presented in the movie. This is an open place for students to ask questions and even answer them about faith. I went this week and will be attending for the rest of the semester. I really appreciated the time to be around people and discuss our ideas.

  • Clubs– If you are looking for a specific group to get involved with, LCC does have a list of clubs. These include clubs for movies, science, chess, dance, and even more! Also, if you want to start a club during your time here, you definitely could!
  • Athletic Games and Activities- Some of our study abroad students have attended the different soccer and basketball games here. Go Moose! Some have also participated in the pick up volleyball games as well. There are also Zumba and Yoga classes if you are looking to destress and workout in a fun way!

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  • Internships- As a study abroad student, you will have the chance to apply for an internship with the program. This allows you to work with faculty in a variety of ways. This blog is run by the Social Media interns, but there are also interns working in the Writing Center, the Communication/Marketing Department, in a classroom for teaching the English language, and in the CIE office for planning events on campus. Fun fact: One of the study abroad students is currently an English tutor for a young girl in the community. She is fluent is three languages, English now being her fourth!

In order to enjoy and love your time here in Lithuania, it’s so important to get involved. Our cohort was encouraged to do this, and I am definitely challenging myself to do so. Get out there and take a risk and engage with the community! My challenge for you would to join a group you wouldn’t normally participate in at your home university. By becoming more involved, this experience will be all the more rewarding for you!

Sėkmės! (Good luck!)


Messiah College

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