Suite Living

Never shared a space with more than one person? Have you been constricted to dorm life up until now? Well, here is your chance to finally get a taste at living with 3-4 roommates…who happen to be international…how cool.

The suites at LCC are split between two main buildings; Neumann and Enns. There was no particular order (at least to my knowledge) that we were split between the two buildings, however, a significant amount of study abroads are living in Neumann. LCC students are given the option of hosting international students every semester, therefore, the students you are living with were expecting you.

Both dorm buildings have at least 5-6 floors, divided into EAST and WEST sides, with about six rooms on each floor along with a large lounge and kitchen area. This space is perfect for communal cooking as well as quiet study. You typically can find me in the lounge – there are large windows which let in the little sunlight that Lithuanian receives! There are RA’s assigned to each floor. Forewarning, they are co-ed, therefore, the opposite sex will be meandering freely.

Each suite is split into two sides, a two bed side and a three bed side which has a bunkbed. Typically, study abroads stay in the two bedroom side unless you decide amongst your roommates that you are staying in the three bedroom (which was my case!) Both rooms are divided by a sink area and a refrigerator. You also share a toilet and a shower, which both have doors – yay privacy! Also, do not worry about bringing your own sheets, they will be given to you. I do advise bringing your own pillowcase and small blanket. It will make your room feel more like home.

Students are paired with 3-4 international roommates – which means, they can come from many different countries and cultures. I am currently living with 3 Ukrainian girls, whereas a friend of mine is living with one Lithuanian, one Ukrainian, and one Kazakhstan student. You will be an expert on the countries your roommates call home by the end of the semester.

Suite Living is a unique way at providing students with a cultural experience while pursuing an education. It is set up in a way to help you learn more about other cultures and groups of people, as well as learning about yourself and how you interact with others. You will have the chance at trying new food as well as activities, games, and movies. At times you will get discouraged and wish you were back in your comfortable dorm environment, however, I encourage you to embrace this opportunity to firsthand witness cultural growth and relationships evolving right in front of you! In essence, you will learn to love the concept of suite living and experiencing life with new people.

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