Spotlight DAY: Kazakhstan

Labas friends! I would like to introduce you all to Sevara who is one of our fine students here at LCC. She is in her third year and is studying International Relations and Development.


Sevara is from Kazakhstan, and we wanted to get to know her and her culture a little better. Here’s what we learned!

Kazakhstan is located in central Asia and has 131 ethnicities within the country. It was founded on December 16th, 1991 and is also the 9th largest country in the world. Since her country became independent in 1995, Sevara is most proud of the fact that there has been no conflicts or war with anyone. She is also proud of her country’s open and friendly culture as well as the diversity. Down below is her country’s beautiful flag!

kazakistan flag

Some of Sevara’s favorite foods form her country are beshbarmak and baursaki. Beshbarmak is a dish that consists of dough, horse and lamb meat, onions and the lambs head on the side which is eaten separately. A fun fact about this dish is that it is only eaten with your hands! here is a picture down below…

Kazakh beshbarmak with potatoes

Baursaki is a fried bread which can be made sweeter with sugar as a tasty dessert treat!


One of Sevara’s favorite cultural traditions is Nauryz which is translated to ” new day.” This day is celebrated on the night of March 21st and represents renewal as well as the spring equinox. During this time, people dress up in traditional clothing and there are tons of activities happening on the streets for kids with carnival games and tons of food as well. Since it is Spring time there, there are tons of blooming flowers and colors all around!

Sevara also really enjoys going to the mountains near her home town to go hiking. She likes the mountains because they are beautiful and there is always snow at the top of them. There is also a beautiful lake at the bottom of the mountain that she likes to visit!

kazakhstan lake

It is so amazing to learn about cultures other than your own. It can open our minds to so many new perspectives and new ways of life! Studying abroad has shown me that, and it has been such a good experience! A big thank you to Sevara for teaching us more about Kazakhstan!

All pictures sourced from Google.


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