Russia: Moscow Recap

Hey there friends, we just got back from the coolest spring break ever, Russia!! Our week in Russia has been the trip of a life time with so much to see and so many activities to do and getting to know people you haven’t gotten to know yet.

The first part of the trip was actually getting there. We spent 17 hours on a train and went through 2 boarder patrols before getting to Moscow. It was well worth it though because when we finally got there we had a walking tour all around the Kremlin and saw a ton of beautiful churches and buildings, most of which had gold in them.

At night, on our first day we got to see the circus. It was filled with amazing acrobatics, stunts, dances, costumes, and animals doing all sorts of amazing things. It was so cool and unlike anything we’ve ever seen, It kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time.

On our second day of Russia we all had a tour of the metro stations. Each one had intricate architecture and colors, it was so cool to see each metro station and get familiar with the metro. Next we went to Red Square and saw Saint Basil’s Cathedral also known as the Candy Church. It was such an amazing experience to see this building in person and finally be able to check it off the bucket list. We even got to go inside which was just as beautiful and intricate as the outside. After lunch we went to Vernishazh market which was filled with traditional Russian things like hats, Matryoshka dolls, scarfs, Faberge eggs and other souvenirs. A lot of people got to barter with the vendors for lower prices as well!

Later on we went to Christ the Savior Cathedral which was also very beautiful and covered from celing to floor in beautiful paintings, gold and chandeliers. Later that night we went down to Old Arbat street which had ton of shops and restaurants. We all found different restaurant’s to eat at, and a large group of us ate at old fashion diners.

For our last day in Moscow we had several options for activities, there was a traditional art museum, a modern art museum, and a business square. My group went to the traditional art museum called the Tretyakov Gallery that was filled with thousands of paintings, each so beautiful and unique with a different story to tell. It really made you think about each piece of art and appreciate it.

After a long day of going to museums we packed up all of our things and headed out for our next stop, Saint Petersburg.

Overall, Moscow did not disappoint, it was so beautiful and big with so much to see and do. In those first few days, we learned a lot about the culture and got to practice our Russian. It was a good way to start off our spring break, and there were even more amazing things to learn and see in Saint Petersburg.


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