Making Klaipeda Your HOME

When I first arrived in here in Klaipeda I felt very uncomfortable. I was in a strange place away from home and in a different culture with a different language. As you can imagine I felt pretty scared, and this place didn’t feel like a home to me yet, just a place I was staying in for the next 4 months.

I came to realize though that the mindset I was currently in, was not the way I should go about the next few months so I started to change my mindset by deciding that Klaipeda was going to become my temporary home. I started by getting to know the area and getting out into Old Town and figure things out. I spent a whole day walking around by myself, through Old Town, just exploring and looking around, going down different streets and into different shops. I wrote down places that I thought looked good and that I wanted to try and started to make a bucket list of things to do and see.

The next step was actually doing those things. I started going out more, either by myself or with my friends and doing whatever I could. I went to tons of different coffee shops and tried their drinks and their food and did homework there. I tried different bakeries and different restaurants and tried things there. Eventually I found some of my favorite spots around Old Town and it began to be a comfortable place for me and actually start o feel like home. I learned different phrases in Lithuanian so I could order simple things or say things like hi, thank you and please.

Going out to explore and learning some of the language really helped me feel more at home here. Even coming back from Russia, I was so happy to be back in Klaipeda, I was so happy to be back in a place that I was familiar with and that I even understood the language more.

If you want to feel more at home here in Klaipeda, even if its just temporary, get out there and explore, go to restaurants, go to coffee shops, go to the festivals and events they have in town and in no time you’ll feel right at home here.


Roberts Wesleyan

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