Coming to a new place, new country, and new city can be pretty daunting. Trust me, during the first few days in Klaipeda, we were all so nervous about using the bus system and had no idea what to do. With that said, shortly after, we were learning the ropes, and now it’s hard to imagine not knowing how to hop on the bus and get to wherever you want to go. To top it off, we have also become more experienced with traveling on the buses outside of the city and even flying to different countries. I hope these tips can help alleviate some stress in those first few days.

Transportation in Klaipeda:


The best way that we get around Klaipeda is with the city buses. They are fairly easy to use since they all have numbers on the front, sides, and back and travel frequently throughout the city. Also, Klaipeda has three parallel streets, so if you happen to get on the wrong bus, get off on the NEXT stop, and walk perpendicular to a street or stop that you are familiar with and go from there. Below are some tips for travelling in Klaipeda:

  • FIRST, download the Trafi app. This is a lifesaver! You can set the city to Klaipeda and can get directions all throughout the city with the buses you need to take. Also, the app works offline to look up bus times. If you are walking around or at a coffee shop with no WiFi, you can open the app and check times for the stop that you are near without having to leave and sit at the stop for 20 minutes in case you just missed your bus.
  • NEXT, download the e. Ticket Klaipeda app. During your first few days in Klaipeda, ask one of your interns to take you to get a bus pas. (Or you could go on your own to the store off of Atgimimo stop, just ask for a student bus pass.) This is a MUST! This card will save you money since each bus ride for students is 50 cents each ride. Each month, you can renew your pass on the app following these steps: purchase>buy period ticket>Zone 1>Student>Monthly>Monthly 80%>enter travel card number (on your pass)>continue to payment.
  • GoogleMaps app is also handy, because if you set your city, you can still get directions offline (something I didn’t know until we were in Saint Petersburg).
  • BUS 14 and BUS 5 are your new best friends!!!! These buses will bring you back to LCC. Bus 14 goes through Old Town and to Akropolis, passing all of our favorite hang out places! It will also drop you off right at LCC. Bus 5 will take you into Old Town and will drop you off across the street from LCC. When in doubt, these are the buses to take!
  • Bus 9 will take you to another parallel street and you can get to Meat Lovers (a burger place) and the ferry to the spit. Bus 6, which you can catch down the street from LCC, will take you to the beach!
  • You can also walk to Old Town, the beach, and Akropolis (which I have done) when the days or nice, and you need some fresh air.

Bus Transportation:


If you are looking to go to Nida or Palanga for the weekend or even to Riga or Vilnius for the airport, you will most likely need to take a bus (like a charter bus) to get there. This may seem a little daunting, but we have been able to utilize our options to travel outside of Klaipeda. There is a bus and train station about a 15 minute walk from LCC. If your bus is late at night or early in the morning, it’s okay to walk to the station with whoever you are traveling with. My bus left at 2:30 a.m., and four of us felt fine walking together to the bus station.

  • You can buy your tickets online, at the counter at the bus station, which will save you a seat on the bus (just make sure you are close to the front when the bus arrives), or from the bus driver (although there may not be seats left if you are going to a popular place at a busy time). Also, if you are traveling late at night, the counter is not open, so I would recommend buying tickets online.
  • In order to get to the airport, I have used Ollex, which takes you to the airports in Riga, Kaunas, and Vilnius. In order to ensure that I will have a spot on the bus, I bought my ticket online, printed a copy, and then showed the driver. If you are flying out, it would be best to choose a bus that will arrive at the airport around 2 hours ahead of your flight’s departure. However, this doesn’t always happen, but I would err on the side of being too early than too late.
  • If you want to check the arrivals and departures of buses, this timetable for the bus station in Klaipeda can help you.
  • Check out these links if you are looking for more buses travelling throughout Lithuania or buses travelling throughout Europe.
  • Some students even take the train from Klaipeda to travel to different destinations too.



During your time studying abroad, you may consider traveling to another country and will need to fly to get there. Or even just coming to Lithuania, you will need to get on an airplane. So, hopefully, these flying tips will help.

  • In order to find flights, I use GoogleFlights to look at a variety of options at once and what works best for me. goEuro (omio) is also a good spot to look as well.
  • You can fly out of Kaunas, Palanga, Riga, and Vilnius (all of which our study abroad students have recently done). When you are flying here at the beginning of the semester, I would recommend trying to find a flight to Vilnius since that is where orientation starts.
  • If you travel during the semester within the Schengen countries, you do not need an additional visa. Your Lithuania visa in your passport will suffice.
  • When traveling during the semester, usually on weekends, just pack a backpack. This way you won’t need to check any luggage or even get your boarding pass at the counter. Download your airline’s app so that you can check-in and get a seat(usually 24 hours before the flight) and have your boarding pass (screenshotted too) on your phone. The app will also update you if your seat numbers change. You can use the pass on your phone instead of a hard copy when going through security and getting on the plane.

I hope these tips are helpful to you all! For further information, check out our Local Living Transportation page.

Happy Travels!


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