Recap: Riga and Tallinn

Hey friends! We just got back from a super fun trip to Riga and Tallinn. We’ve now seen 3 Baltic states! Here’s a little recap on all the fun we had in Latvia and Estonia…

After our 9 hour bus ride we arrived in Tallinn, Estonia just in time for some yummy breakfast! After filling our stomachs with as much food as possible we checked in to Old Town Alur Hostel and went on our walking tour around Tallinn. We learned so much about the history of Estonia and saw a lot of cool sites around old town as well.

After our walking tour we had some free time which consisted of walking around Old Town by ourselves and exploring any shop, bakery, bookstore, coffee shop and souvenir shop possible. We explored the beach as well and of course ate some Tallinn chocolate!

For dinner we went to Old Hansa and tried some very interesting food. We tried bear, elk, and wild boar. The majority of us really enjoyed it and we had fun stepping out of our comfort zone!

And of course to finish off the night, as we did in Russia and Lithuania, we went to the so called “embassy” of America, McDonalds!

The next day we headed out for Riga, Latvia and checked in to Mosaic hotel! We headed out for another walking tour around Riga and again, learned some cool history and saw all the cool sites in the Old town.

The next morning we all went to a church service at this super cute church with beautiful stained glass windows! The pastor mentioned us several times throughout the mass and wished us good luck on the rest of our trip and with the rest of our journeys through life. It was super sweet. After the service we all split up for our free time, my group went to find souvenirs, chocolate and of course, some ice cream!

After that, we were back on the road again but made a stop at our favorite place for dinner, Lido! We filled our stomachs with delicious food then started our journey back home!


Overall, Riga and Tallinn was a blast and we had so much adding those countries to the list of places we’ve been!


Roberts Wesleyan College

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