Iki Pasimatymo!

~ Cameron ~

“As I say  my final “see you later’s” this upcoming week, I of course find myself reminiscing on some of my favorite memories thus far; The transformation I saw within myself going from anxious to step into a four-month-long journey in Lithuania to NOW being anxious to step back into my life in Pennsylvania; Discovering a newfound love for many countries other than my own including Ukraine, Lithuania, Syria, Iraq, and Russia; Experiencing the sunset on the beach and dipping my toes in the Baltic Sea; Grocery shopping more than 2x a week; and many many more memories that I wish too keep between this country and mwah! I find myself asking others about their study abroad experience including others from my home university, and I am finding that LCC has provided me a much broader and deeper experience that I could have ever expected or imagined. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and fall in love with a place so far away from home, yet so close to my heart. I am beyond amazed at the friendships I have established, the relationship I have strengthened with myself, and the increase in WONDER and JOY I am finding in my journey with God.”

~ Lauren ~

“It’s hard knowing that you have to leave a place and people that you have grown close to and love very much. It’s the last week of my time here in Lithuania and I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my time here. This experience has been the greatest thing for me and I have seen such a change in myself. The me 4 months ago is not the same person I am now, I am so much stronger, more independent, and have developed a deeper love for traveling and seeing new places. I have created a second home here in Klaipeda and will have a hard time saying goodbye. It’s been a good journey though and one that I will never forget. I must say, I am very nervous to go home, excited of course but it will be a challenge going back to the old lifestyle that I have in Rochester, New York ,and there are a lot of things I know will be different within myself that will radiate out into my daily life. I have overcome this 4 month challenge though and I am ready to take new challenges head on.”

~ Megan ~

“This semester has been nothing short of life changing. I have discovered so much meaning during my time here in Lithuania. From beautiful Baltic Sea views, walks through the forest, sunsets on the beach, white winter storms, and magical nights in the places I’ve travelled to, this semester has been unforgettable. I have encountered and adopted a new way of life that I had not expected. I now understand the importance of being intentional with your time and the relationships you make. I have also grown to appreciate the spontaneous moments that are full of life,and in them I see God’s hand. These are the moments I will forever remember. I have loved befriending new people, deepening relationships, and encountering and embracing new cultures. It is very bittersweet leaving this place that I have come to call home. Here, I have learned more about myself and grown as a person while making friendships with some of the best of people. Klaipeda, Lithuania will always hold of piece of my heartAs for now, I will take these life-shaping experiences, newly formed relationships, and new found appreciation for the world, its beauty, and all the people in it with me as I take my first few steps into the next journey.”


We won’t say good-bye, but just see you later to our home here in Lietuva.


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