We’re Back & Better Than Ever

Where have we been you may ask? The world may never know… I want to start this new era of the blog with an apology. I know nothing has been posted in quite some time. The Study Abroad Lithuania staff have had a transition from their Spring Social Media Interns to their Fall Interns. So this is the first blog post written by the Fall Social Media Interns. But, I guess now that is cleared up this is the best time if any to introduce new Social Media Interns and give you a quick life update on what the Fall 2019 Study Abroad Cohort has been up to.

There are three Social Media Interns this fall, Kiera Conkle, Morgan Kaper, and Carter Losey. You can learn more about them on the Meet Our Fall 2019 Interns page. The three of us are actively sharing the role of writing blogs and posting on Social Media. 

Now that you know about the people that are writing this semester let me get you all caught up on what has been happening the past month that we have been abroad, we will have more detailed articles on all these topics at a later date. However, after a few flight delays and different journeys, our Cohort began our study abroad adventure in Vilnius, Lithuania for our orientation week. Throughout these first two weeks, we toured around Vilnius, went to the KGB museum, traveled to Trakai, Nida, and Kretinga, went to the beach and took a lot of pictures and we have tried so much food. 

However, the vacation life ended because we left for LCC International University to get ready for classes. I know that statement may sound kinda sad, but let me tell you we’re still having a blast. During our first month abroad we have got over the jet lag, we have figured out the busing system, we have learned a little Lithuanian, found our favorite places to get coffee and we have made so many new friends. This is just the beginning of our journey and we have so much to share with you! I hope you’re as excited as we are.

Until next time continue to take adventures and try new things. 


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