An International Community

If there is one thing I will ever regret about this semester, it would be that I didn’t branch out as much as I should have. I have come to realize that with only 5 weeks left in the semester, I am just now starting to find my people. Of course, my friends in the cohort are wonderful, but we all have a certain set of people that make us feel at home. I have found my home in a group of friends that I only got to know 2 weeks ago.

              I spoke with many different full-time students on campus, and they said that usually study abroad kids only hang out with study abroad kids. This will never fail to disappoint me. We are placed in this huge melting pot of diverse cultural backgrounds; I could never imagine only hanging out with Americans that are in the same boat as me. You have the opportunity to learn about almost any cultural background here at LCC, so you had better take it. Of course, being friends with other Americans is no issue. We find solace in the familiarity, but it is important for you to push yourself to become close with people from all across the world.

              So, please, make an effort to branch out. Get involved in clubs and go to football and basketball games. Spend time actually cooking meals and hanging out in your kitchen. Go out with your roommates on a Friday night. Spend time doing things you would never do back home because this semester is one of growth.

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