Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving,

We have made it the holiday season. I send blessings, love, and laughter to you and yours as you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday. I hope that your day is filled with wonderful home-cooked meals, houses filled with family and friends and a day for relaxation. Now, do not get me wrong the food is a plus side of thanksgiving. However, I heed you to take the time and reflect. This is the season of being thankful and counting your blessings and I encourage you to do just that. The year 2019 is slowly wrapping up. Each year is like a roller coaster, with highs and lows, but in this time of thanksgiving, I encourage you to look at all the positives. It doesn’t have to be big events, it can be the smallest little thing that made you happy. These are the moments that we should fight to remember. Someone once told me that it is easier to remember the negative things and life and hold onto those, but I encourage you to let the negative go. Especially in this holiday season and to just focus on the positives. Smile more. Laugh until your face hurts and eat all you care to eat. You only live once, so be as extra as you care to be. 

Now you may be wondering what the study abroad students are doing for this Thanksgiving holiday? And I, of course, will provide you with an answer. As we are learning Thanksgiving is not a huge thing in Europe, but the LCC International University community/family has made it a big thing. But don’t you fear, we will be eating all the thanksgiving fixings! We have a professor that are hosting thanksgiving dinners in their homes for students to go to. We have students from all around the world that are creating dorm thanksgivings for friends. We are a family here at LCC and we are doing thanksgiving like every American. We are spending the day with family. Please don’t get me wrong we will miss our friends and family in the United States on this day, but we will Skype and Face-time and we will be with them in the heart. As I have been learning it is important to find family wherever you are. LCC students and faculty are family and we are so excited to spend the holiday with them. 



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