Riga & Tallinn

City sidewalks. Busy Sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. It’s Christmas time in the Baltic States. This past weekend, November 28th to December 1st, the fall Cohort of LCC International Universities Study Abroad Students traveled to Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia. During the duration of our stay in the countries we were granted the opportunity to embrace the cultures, their histories, and enjoy the Christmas spirit. To bring in the American tradition, the study abroad staff invited students to partake in a Thanksgiving Dinner at a medieval times restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia. The atmosphere of the event was filled with thankfulness, laughter and full bellies. The best way for it to be Together the group embraced the chilling weather and engaged in informative walking tours of both of these cities. The group then gathered in Riga, Latvia to attend a wonderful church service, filled with peaceful music and a cat. Each of these wonderful countries radiated with holiday joy as students got to explore the Christmas Markets, buying gifts for friends and family. Sadly, this was the last group adventure that our team will get to experience, but it was the cherry on top. The study abroad group grew as a family; we laughed and enjoyed the simple pleasures of the snowfall. This weekend was a blessing and a great way to wrap up our time together. As students prep to head home for the winter season we wish you Merry Christmas and  Happy Holidays! Safe traveled and continue to change the world. Its the season of miracles. 

-K.C. & M.K. 

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