Sustainability Fashion Show

This past week LCC International University hosted its first-ever Sustainability Fashion Show. This event was lead by a study abroad student, Merveille Maroya. Merveille is a Junior Sociology major with a minor in ‘women studies, anti-trafficking and religion’ at Vanguard University in Southern California, originally from Benin Republic. Merveille has used her voice to make such an amazing change here, at LCC, she took the initiative to created and lead a Human Trafficking Awareness club on campus, and focused largely on this fashion show. When I asked Merveille why she is so passionate over the manner of human trafficking she responded “ I am extremely passionate about human trafficking because it came as a shock to me that it is everywhere but so few people notice or pay attention to it. It breaks my heart every time to realize that there are people out there that don’t know they have human rights! Like how? , Therefore, I find it hard to look the other way when they are so many in bondage. I have come to realize that the best way I can help fight against this issue as a student right now is by creating awareness. The more I learn about human trafficking, the more I want to inform others about it. In fact, when people ask me questions after I inform them, then I have a platform to do further research to learn more and inform more” 

Later, asking Merveille the question that many have been asking, why create a club here at LCC seeing that you are here for such a short stay? She stated “ I wanted to create a human trafficking awareness club on campus because I thought they were few events connecting to human trafficking on the LCC campus. Dressember is one of the big events, but I don’t think we should only have the month of December to remember the horror that has embedded itself within our cultures. I think it’s an issue we have to be aware of daily, for often we create the demand for it too. I wanted to do an internship at LCC to connect to human trafficking as it is one of my empathizes for my major and although I was away, I wanted to keep myself active in anti-trafficking work. Klaipeda Social and Psychological Center provided me with an opportunity to intern with them as they work with survivors and create awareness too and from that initiative, I created the human trafficking awareness club. I thought it would provide us with a team of people to work within creating awareness in the community. LCC is one of the best places to create awareness about human trafficking, due to all the nations represented. Students will be able to learn about the issues and start to notice various ways in which human trafficking presents itself in their culture and create awareness about it. I hope to create a domino effect through this club because by creating awareness I am bringing light to this issue in every culture and the more we know about it the easier it will be to fight against it, prevent it and help survivors through their healing journey. Let awareness be the light we use to cast out the darkness that this violation of human dignity is in our societies.” 

Merveille is one of the incredible students that has changed so many lives with her passion and her activism on this matter. I send her blessings and prayers as she continues her journey. Continue to change the world and we all can’t wait to see what big changes you make as you prosper. 

K.C & M.K.

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