Meet Our Spring 2020 Interns

Meet this semester’s social media and photography interns. They will be actively updating this blog, YouTube, and our instagram ðŸ˜Ž

Sofia Jeanes

  • Major: Psychology, Theatre Arts, Communication Arts
  • Home University: Gordon College
  • Year: Junior Year, Class of ’21
  • Fun fact: : I sing backing vocals in a song on an album that was produced and CDs were made (back when those were cool. It’s available online too.)
  • Why Study at LCC?: I’ve always loved adventure and exploring the unknown. I knew that I wanted to study abroad somewhere where I could be immersed in an environment that wasn’t my own so I could meet new people, experience new cultures and see places I haven’t before. LCC provided the perfect opportunity for all of those things. I’m surrounded by amazing people from all over the world and I’m already learning so much and seeing so many things and places that I never thought I would.

Nino Katcheishvili

  • Major: International Business Administration
  • Home University: LCC International University
  • Year: Senior
  • Fun fact: I hate this questionnnnn I am not funny! but ok i couldn’t think of anything else so – Lived in 4 different countries in last 4 years
  • Why Study at LCC?: With my International high school diploma I wanted to study in a place where the community would feel welcoming, reliable and international. LCC is a place where you can find people from all over the world but still feel at home and helped when needed. That is the biggest reason behind my decision to come to this institution.

Meet our fearless study abroad staff!