Meet the Study Abroad Staff


Meet our fearless leaders…

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Viktorija Giedraitienė

Role: Director, Center for International Education 

Best Study Abroad Memory: Racing with one of SALT student leaders and their group of SA to the hostel. I won twice! 

Fun Fact: I have been on the trip to Russia 10 times. 

Favorite Lithuanian Word: Laba Diena (Good Day)

What you hope students get from studying abroad at LCC International University?:  I hope students develop a passion to travel and explore the world while finding hidden cultures and unknown cities.



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Rugile Norkūnaitė

Role:  Experience Coordinator

Best Study Abroad Memory: Hearing everyone’s stories on the train to Russia. It felt like we were sitting on the Hogwart’s Express.

Favorite Lithuanian Word: Miela (Cute)


Milvydas Knyzelis

Role:  Experience Coordinator

Best Study Abroad Memory:Drink tea and talk about life!

Favorite Lithuanian Word: Šaukštai po pietų (spoons after lunch)

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Jennie Steinfeld 

Role: Study Abroad Recruiter

Best Study Abroad Memory: Taking students to a sauna on the beach – in January – and watching everyone run from sauna to freezing Baltic Sea and back. So fun!

Favorite Lithuanian Word: Ežiukas (Hedgehog)

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Inga Mikulene

Role: Program Coordinator, Erasmus Studies Program

Fun fact: Inga is a Lithuania native passionate about paving pathways for LCC students to study abroad in numerous countries. Her position specifically allows her the privilege of welcoming students studying with the Erasmus program.

Favorite Lithuanian Word: Fainiai! (Cool!)


Nino Katcheishvili

Role: Study Abroad Student Intern

Major/ Academic Year: International Business administration, Senior year

Best Study Abroad Memory: Even though, I have been an intern for a month, I enjoy spending time with my coolest and funniest study abroad group. For sure our orientation in Vilnius (which I adore) was the most memorable. We had a precious time getting to know each other, walking in a sunny weather and eating great food. 

Fun fact: Thanks to LCC, I was able to live in four different countries throughout my bachelor years. Pictures you see above are taken in those countries.

Why you chose to be an intern?: I remember being a freshmen and totally new to the environment. I know how the adaptation process feels like. And I wanted to take up a position which would allow me to assist other students with quick adjustment. After spending four years at LCC, I feel like I could be trusted with guidance around the university, city and the culture.


Vika Romaško

Role: Study Abroad Student Intern

Major/ Academic Year

Best Study Abroad Memory

Fun fact:

Why you chose to be an intern?: 


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