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Ready to explore Lithuania and Europe during your time abroad? Find out about local public transportation by visiting official pages listed below:

  • Bus Station and time tables
    • Here is where you can find information on the bus station in Klaipeda and time tables for arrivals and departure for destinations in Lithuania.
  • Train Station
    • If you are looking for another option other than flying or taking a bus, the train is the way to go. Some students prefer the train to and from Vilnius to get some homework done on the way too!
  • eTaxi (App available on Apple Store & Google Play)
    • This is a great app to use to order a taxi, which is how we were told to take taxis. These are useful if you want to get to a nearby airport at a certain time without waiting for long gaps of time due to the different bus times. Or if there’s a nearby city you want to visit for the day, taxis are also helpful. (It’s not too bad if you split the cost with other people when you go out too.)
  • Trafi (App available on Apple Store & Google Play)
    • This app is incredible! DOWNLOAD IT! You will easily learn your way around Klaipeda with it. The app provides maps, bus times (also accessible offline), and planned bus routes with directions.
  • City Bee (Rental Cars)
    • If you and your friends are looking to drive someplace, you can rent a car and drive to your desired destination.
  • Ollex
    • This bus service is very helpful in getting to the airport in different cities, especially when travelling abroad. Make sure you buy tickets online to reserve your spot and print the ticket off before you leave.
  • Ecolines
    • Another helpful resource to find bus tickets for international travel.