Trying 10 random Sūrelis Bars in Lithuania!


For me, one of the best parts about living in Lithuania is going to the grocery shop and coming back with an arm full of uniquely flavored sūrelis bars to try. I’ll admit its probably not the healthiest habit but after a stressful week filled with exams and paper deadlines, I’d say that you deserve to end the day with something sweet.

For those of you who don’t know what sūrelis bars are (first of all, you are missing out!!), they are a sweet snack made from curd cheese that taste almost like a cheesecake bar coated in a chocolate.

At every local grocery store in Lithuania, there is an wide assortment of sūrelis bars flavors ranging from chocolate to poppy seed to jelly filled. After some intensive research and homework, five of us choose 10 random flavors to try out and here are our thoughts…


1) Magija – Condensed Milk Filling ( Our Rating:★★★½)

“The filling is sweet but I love the cream cheese and chocolate combination. Not bad for the first one… ” – Jemi

“It reminds me of a Mexican desert, dulce de leche!” – Kinzie


2) Vilkyskiu – Pistachio ( Our Rating: ★★★★✩)

“It tastes like green tea and is really light – I would eat that again.” – Jemi

“I’m kinda disappointed the sūrelis bar itself isn’t green but it reminds me of a pistachio cream cheese muffin” – Kinzie


3) Magija – Vanilla Flavored ( Our Rating: ★★★★✩)

“Creamy and simple” – Kinzie

“Its like your basic sūrelis bar – a safe choice for beginners.” – Nysha


4) Nykstukas – Condensed Milk Flavor  ( Our Rating: ★★✩✩✩)

“The worst one we’ve had so far… this will put you in a bad mood” – Ellen

*recoils* – Jemi

“The flavor is a little tart but I like it though! I think everybody else is being too critical on these poor sūrelis bars” – Nysha

“Fooodd, good” – Brett


5) Vilkyskiu – Maple Syrup Flavor ( Our Rating: ★✩✩✩✩)

“It tastes like someone poured cheap maple syrup onto tree bark” –  Kinzie

“That’s not what I was expecting… the smell is amazing but it definitely does not taste like what it smells” – Jemi


6) Nykstukas – Vanilla & Almond Flavor ( Our Rating: ★★★★★)

“WOW – that is good. I like the almond addition, its like a crunchy surprise” – Ellen

“Looks just like a Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar but tastes even better.  ” – Nysha



7) Vilkyskiu – Vanilla Flavored ( Our Rating: ★★★★✩)

“It has a rich flavor but its not too sweet” – Ellen

“Not bad, I really like this one and how I can taste the chocolate” – Jemi



8) Magija – Poppy Seed (Our Rating: ★★★✩✩)

“Oohh, there are actually poppy seeds in it… not my favorite because it gets caught in my teeth” – Kinzie

“The texture grows on me, I like the smokiness” – Jemi


9) Magija – Toffee Flavor ( Our Rating: ★★★★½)


“I’m a fan, I’m a fan” – Brett

“I’m not a fan of the outside, its a little too sour” – Jemi


10) Vilkyskiu – Condensed Milk (Our Rating: ★★★✩✩)

“Out of the all the condensed milk ones, this is the best. I actually like this one!” – Jemi

“It tastes like they used darker chocolate and the texture is like BabyBel cheese. I don’t like how the chocolate falls apart when you bite into it though…” – Kinzie

“Not another condensed milk bar… where are the chocolate ones?” – Ellen


Jemi and Ellen weren’t the biggest fans of the Nykstukas condensed milk bar…


The aftermath of our intensive sūrelis bars panel….

“I have sugar headache now” – Jemi


Some final thoughts: I never thought that there was such thing as too much sūrelis but ten bars later, I think its appropriate to say that we’ve had our fill for the week.

Thank you Ellen, Kinzie, Jemi, and Brett for contributing their sūrelis bars expertise and to Yoon for the sūrelis bar flavor recommendations  – feel free to share some of your favorite sūrelis bars flavors and brands with us :-)!


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