Caught by a Perfect Love-Jackie, Westmont


I feel like so much has happened this week! It is so hard to remember it all. One thing that I will never forget is that I got to see Potato again yesterday (I talked about him in an earlier post called “Potato Love“)!

I was walking home in the afternoon, headphones on, music blasting, layered to hide myself from the cold, and simply ready to be back in my dorm. I had just crossed the street right by LCC and all of the sudden there was this child walking next to me. I thought to myself, “Who is this child?” not expecting it to be anybody I knew…I looked down to see the beautiful face of my little friend smiling at me. I almost lost it right there. I squealed like a child at Christmas and enthusiastically said, “HI! HOW ARE YOU??” (I still had my headphones on.) We hugged and he ran off to wherever he was going. Every few steps he turned around and smiled at me and I would wave to let him know that I was still excited to have him in my life. I watched him until he disappeared into a building (I’m glad there were no poles in the sidewalk…I would have died). It had been two weeks since I last saw him. I am so touched that he recognized me, even out of context. I literally want to take him home with me, but apparently you have to be married and 18 years older than the child you adopt…dang it. 

Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that God is in control when I see things like children who don’t have a family. I want to do so much to help them and I can. God created us to love, so that is what I try to do. I want to show Potato that he is loved; not just by me but by a beautiful creator that has the most perfect love for him. A love that is unconditional and holy. I hope that I can express this love to my dear new friend. And I hope that this love softens the pains of the world for him. God’s love is strong. 

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