New Appreciations – Anders from Bethel

FALL 2011
I would never have thought that I would ever get used to riding the public bus to get from point A to point B.  Indeed, even walking everywhere, even to extreme distances, was not something that I was necessarily focused on upon deciding to study in Lithuania.  But, as it turns out, things work out in interesting ways, and I feel that the things you least expect can often times have a greater impact than those things that you’d prepared to experience.
Now, I have to grapple with the fact that going home means paying for gas and driving a car to get anywhere that I need to go.  I can hear my wallet crying out in despair already…  I wish that moving about back home was as convenient as it has been while being here in Lithuania.
True, there is a lot more independence and freedom to go places at a whim when you have your own car, but I am hoping that experiencing, not only a more efficient public transportation system, but also many other things in a European vein will allow me to branch out within my own culture and society when I get back.  Being forced to cook all of my own meals is another area that I am looking forward to furthering once I get back in a land where I can actually understand the name of everything in the grocery store.
It is very interesting indeed to note all of these new appreciations that have come about since being here, and it’s definitely no surprise that just once you get used to them, you realize that it is going to be very difficult to leave them.

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