5 Easter Traditions in Lithuania

In Lithuania, the worldwide celebration of Christ is not much different than what most are used too. Although to start, it is referred to as Velykos. Read below for some helpful insight to the traditions practiced here in Klaipeda and throughout all of Lithuana.

lithuanian easter eggs

1) Marguciai

 Growing up, most of you have decorated an Easter egg or two I’m sure! While these eggs don’t have silly messages scribbled across them, they certainly are beautiful

2) Easter Granny

                We have all heard of the Easter bunny, but what about an Easter Granny? Well in Lithuania it is the grandmothers who go out and hide all of the marguciai that everyone has made!

3) Verbos

                This is the name of Lithuanian Easter palms. They are dried flower stalks that are woven together with dried leaves and used in the Eastern rituals. They are often sold in markets such as Kaziuko Muge which takes place one weekend in early march in Vilnius

4) Easter Singers      

                Similar to Christmas carolers, Lithuanians traditionally would go from house to house singing hymns in exchange for marguciai or Easter foods. It was also considered a good way for the unmarried women to impress the eligible men with their egg decorating skills!

5) Food

                Easter is a day of feasting in Lithuania and often the food that is prepared gets blessed at a church before being eaten.  Most traditional Lithuanian foods are eaten along with velykos pyragas which is an Easter cake!  Yum!

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